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Author: Maarten de Groot, Bert Teeuwen and Marco Tielemans
Properties: bound (70 pages), Dutch, 5x27x170 mm, ISBN: 978-90-78210-04-7

Small Group Activity (SGA) is extremely effective. It is also sometimes called the secret weapon of World Class Manufacturing. In combination with the improvement cycle, it is a powerful means to realize improvements in processes. Employees feel appreciated when they participate in an SGA and are proud of the results. It is the best way to create a better, more pleasant and effective working environment with the efforts of all employees.

This book explains how to get the best out of a team by structurally solving problems with the improvement cycle. 8 steps are conveniently described. The communication process is also discussed with 3 formal moments: the Project letter, the Implementation plan and the Delivery document. Emphasis is put on celebrating success by the SGA team after successfully completing the assignment and achieving results.

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